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  1. Aphorisms often use metaphors or creative imagery to express ideas.
    Here’s a classic Japanese saying for you.
    Examples of Aphorism in Film
    Let me ask you.
    The complete quote was, A Jack of all trades and master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
    This quote came from Wales, first appearing in an 1866 publication.
    Aphorisms can act as a guideline to help narrow the focus of your work.
    Too many times to count, right.
    The early bird gets the worm.
    Fall seven times, stand up eight.
    Examples of Aphorism in Politics
    We’ve all probably had to learn that the hard way.
    Interestingly enough, this saying was initially intended as a compliment.
    Not good.
    Aphorisms can act as a guideline to help narrow the focus of your work.
    Now here’s the big question.

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